Tips for Exterior Painting Preparation

Taking the extra time to prepare properly for your exterior painting project is a direct investment into your time and money. Good exterior painting preparation has been proven to help the paint last longer and look better. Good preparation also helps prevent other related problems such as mold growth, chipping, and peeling. Get started on your successful exterior painting project by reading and following the exterior painting preparation steps below.

Prepare Yourself

Exterior panting preparation is a dirty job, so you should ...

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What Different Colors Mean

Which color will you choose?

Updating a room with a fresh paint job is a great and inexpensive way to give it a new and exciting look. In fact, by following some good paint selection tips, you can transform a room more drastically than you may have thought possible. With the right combination of paints, you can even make a room look larger and therefore more comfortable. Colours can tremendously affect a person’s mood, and so the colour of a room ...

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Tips for Interior Painting Preparation

A successful painting project has a lot to do with careful planning and preparation. Painting your home is just one of those projects where you can’t take any shortcuts! Preparing to paint properly will also help you save time, since you won’t have to run out to the paint supply store for an extra brush or another can of paint. You also won’t have to stop in the middle of painting in order to move the chair that is in ...

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Paint Types

Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paint contains natural or synthetic resins (or oils) as a base; it is rarely used for painting a home’s interior. There is good reason behind reserving these paints for the outdoors: Oil-based paints contain high levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs are organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapor pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporize and enter the atmosphere, causing smog in our air and other environmental problems. This will be familiar to those ...

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