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  • To set the right tone, you need to decide the ambiance of the room – bright and light or sultry and moody. All-white, chalk or pale grey never go out of fashion, and can make a small room seem super-spacious. Dark tones, meanwhile, make a strong impact, and have become a popular option for inner-city living.
  • Colour and texture need to be harmonious in the kitchen, so it’s worth putting together your own mood board before the renovation begins. On white cardboard, stick on all the colour and surface swatches that you are drawn to, including paint, tiles, veneer, and flooring.
  • A burst of colour is a feast for the eyes in a kitchen. A splashback in coloured glass makes a style
    statement, while mosaic or ceramic tiles also add brilliance to the room.
  • It can be hard finding where to start when planning the design of your new kitchen. Start the process
    by writing a list of features you like and dislike about your existing kitchen. This will quickly help your
    new design take shape.
  • When putting together a kitchen layout, the classic ‘triangle’ is the core of the design. The main
    working areas – cooktop/oven, fridge and sink – have to be positioned at three sides of a triangle. This
    simple rule will make cooking and cleaning a breeze.
  • A kitchen renovation can range from a one-day job to a two-week build, depending on the amount of
    work involved. Dirt, dust and noise is impossible to avoid, so consider moving in with family or friends
    during the messiest stages.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, a flat-pack kitchen is hard to beat. The latest ranges provide amazing
    flexibility – even the most awkwardly shaped kitchen can have every centimeter utilized. Easy
    instructions mean you can put together a brand new kitchen in one or two days.
  • For busy homeowners, RENODIZ can make your life so much easier. we can guide you on the layout,
    the design, materials, appliances, as well as doing the demolition and installation. For a stress-free
    solution and to discover all of the options available, speak to our expert at RENODIZ.
  • For a quick, cost-saving fix-me-up, replacing doors and/or counter- tops can transform your kitchen
    from clunky to couture.
  • If your cupboards and drawers are looking a little scruffy, an easy spruce-up is replacing old handles and
    knobs with the latest ranges at RENODIZ.
  • For an up-to-the-minute look, consider integrating the fridge and dishwasher within the new cabinetry.
    By enclosing the front of appliances to match the texture and colour scheme of the cabinets, a kitchen
    looks stream-lined and minimalistic.
  • Contemplate installing an island with built-in cupboards and drawers on both sides of the unit. This
    provides plenty of room to store small appliances, cookbooks and rarely used kitchenware, such as
    platters that only appear on Christmas day.
  • Replacing cupboards with drawers means it’s much easier to reach all kitchen items. Extra-deep
    drawers are perfect to store pots, pans and small appliances, while wide, shallow units are handy to
    store cutlery and utensils.
  • A corner cupboard used to be a space waster, but kitchen designers have solved this dilemma by
    maximizing every square feet. Have a look at various corner options, such as lazy susans, bi-fold doors
    and dual-access doors.
  • When designing a kitchen layout, ensure that you include as much storage as possible. It’s easy to
    accumulate more items through the years, so a few extra drawers and cupboards never go astray.
  • Don’t forget the little essentials as you design the layout. Take time to figure out where you’ll position
    lights, powerpoints and a phone jack.
  • To add atmosphere, a pendant light positioned over a benchtop can act as a focal point of the room.
    And if one is never enough – a large benchtop can accommodate two or three pendants for extra
  • A hard-working cook doesn’t want guests to see an array of dirty pots and pans during a dinner party.
    To solve this problem, a small raised barrier at the end of the island bench can separate the kitchen area
    and the social zone, hiding any mess until it’s time to wash up.
  • One is the loneliest number when it comes to kitchen bins. Single, double or triple bins of varying
    capacities can be selected, making it easy to separate recycled and general items. And instead of having
    bins on show, they now slide or swivel out of hidden cupboards.

For more ideas and inspiration, and to see the latest product ranges, visit your RENODIZ showroom.

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