Choosing the right carpet for your home can be challenging due to the vast array of options available to you. Carpets have many added benefits besides endless design possibilities; carpeting benefits include cushioned comfort underfoot, sound insulation, and improved indoor air quality. Keep in mind the different textures, styles, and colours of carpet while determining the perfect match for your lifestyle.

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  • Carpet Constructions

    Cut Pile - Solid

    Cut Pile – Solid

    A solid cut pile, also known as a plush Saxony, refers to any carpet that is made up of evenly cut fibers. Because of its uniform surface, vacuum marks and foot traffic will be visible on these carpets. For this reason, this type of carpet is best suited for formal areas of the home.


    Cut Pile – Textured

    Textured cut pile carpets are known for their casual appeal. Their twisted cut fibers diffuse light so as to mask foot and vacuum marks making this carpet construction a popular choice for family rooms and children’s bedrooms.



    Frieze carpets are made up of varying lengths of highly twisted fibers. The fibers curl in random directions creating terrific texture and dimension. These carpets are virtually trackless and are suitable for most areas of the home including heavy-traffic areas such as stairs and hallways.

    Loop Pile

    Loop Pile

    This carpet keeps the loops uncut and intact. The loops can be produced in uneven heights for texture or level for durability. Loop carpets are suitable for high-traffic areas of the home. Solid shade loops are often referred to as ‘sisals’ and loops with multi-colored yarns or colored flecks are referred to as berbers.

    Cut and Loop

    Cut and Loop

    These carpets offer a combination of various cut and loop fibers at differing levels resulting in a sculptured pattern with several tones of the same color. These carpets can be stunning in both wall-to-wall and area rug configurations.

  • Fiber Types

    The most basic component of carpet is the type of fiber used to construct it. The four most widely-used fibers are wool, nylon, polyester and olefin (also known as polypropylene). Wool Fiber Soft underfoot, wool is a natural fiber used to manufacture carpets and rugs. Even though it may not have the stain and wear resistance of man-made fibers, wool has an enduring quality that allows wool carpets to age well. Nylon Fiber Nylon is the most versatile and widely-used of all fibers, providing both durability and resiliency. Nylon comes in 2 forms: type 6 and type 6,6. Stainmaster Carpets manufactured using the Stainmaster 6,6 nylon fiber are designed for lasting appearance retention. Their unique fiber technology actually repels stains and resists most liquids and texture loss, making it extremely hard to soil and wear down. Polyester Polyester fiber offers softness, color clarity and a high performance rating at an affordable price. Tryesse Tryesse fibers are incredibly soft, exceptionally durable and environmentally friendly. Tryesse carpets can withstand your toughest stains with an unrivaled fade resistance even after years of use. Tryesse fiber is naturally stain resistant to all water soluble or acid-based stains. Olefin Fiber Also known as polypropylene, olefin will not absorb water and must therefore be solution dyed to impart color. The color is built into the fiber and becomes an inherent part of the carpet. The carpet’s color will not fade even when exposed to intense sunlight, bleaches or other harsh chemicals. While it has great anti-staining and anti-static properties, olefin fiber has a low melting point and is thus not as resilient as other synthetic fibers such as nylon.

  • Treatments

    Magic Fresh Magic Fresh – Odor Neutralizer Magic Fresh is a natural, odor-reducing carpet treatment that is exclusive to Beaulieu. The effectiveness of this unique formula has been compared to placing a box of baking soda in your refrigerator to eliminate overpowering smells. Magic fresh works by breaking down common household odors such as pets, food and cigarette smoke, leaving your living spaces clean and fresh. Magic Fresh does not simply mask odors, but chemically absorbs and decomposes them over a period of time. The self-renewing formula is applied directly to the carpet fibers during the manufacturing process and remains effective for the life of your carpet. Silver Release Silver Release – Antimicrobial Silver Release is a safe to use antimicrobial carpet treatment that naturally obstructs the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew. This unique carpet treatment is produced using silver ion technology and is added directly to the carpet fibers during the manufacturing process. The Silver Release ions bond directly to the carpet fibers and inhibit microbes that cause odor and stains. The Silver Release treatment is immediately effective and will last the entire life of your carpet. Scotchgard on color modifier 3M Scotchgard™ 3M Scotchgard™ Protector is a barrier treatment that is applied directly around each individual fiber during the manufacturing process. This carpet treatment provides superb protection against dirt and stains. Soil Screen SoilScreen SoilScreen™ offers special soil resistance properties that work to repel common surface particles. SoilScreen™ helps keep your carpet looking newer for longer! Stain Control Stain Control® Stain Control® is an anti-stain technology that provides advanced resistance to surface soiling and staining. This carpet treatment allows for the easy removal of most household stains. Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment offers a higher level of protection against bacteria, mold and mildew. This protection technology remains effective even after multiple cleanings.

  • Installation Tips And Facts

    Preparing for installation Remove all breakable items from area being carpeted and detach and store wiring from TVs, stereos, VCR/DVD and computers. Determine who will remove and dispose of the existing carpet and cushion. Check recycling options in your area. Before installers arrive, complete other remodeling projects intended in the room, such as painting and wallpapering. Vacuum the old carpet to avoid the possibility of airborne dust and dirt. After the carpet and cushion are removed, vacuum the sub-floor. When carpet is delivered Check your new carpet (texture, color and style) to make sure there are no visible defects before installation. Also, bear in mind that your new carpet needs to be installed over a structurally sound subfloor. Any damage that has been done by insects, water or other problems need to be repaired prior to carpet installation. During installation New, thicker carpet may prevent doors from swinging clear and free. Your installer may remove the doors and rehang them if possible. If the doors do not clear, arrange to have them trimmed. It is your responsibility to provide an adequate supply of fresh air during installation. Open windows and doors, use an exhaust fan or operate the fan of your heating or air conditioning system. The “new carpet smell” will clear very quickly, usually in less than 72 hours. After installation In the months following installation, you may notice some shedding or sprouting. This is normal and will not affect the carpet’s life or beauty. Here’s what to do: Shedding— The shedding of loose fibers is normal and should subside with regular vacuuming. Sprouting— If a single tuft extends beyond the carpet’s surface, simply clip it off. Do not pull it out. Pile reversal or shading— This seeming color change may occur in various parts of the carpet, caused by light being reflected in different ways as pile fibers are bend in different directions. This is not a defect but a characteristic of plush carpet. Wrinkling— If ripples occur, call your retailer. It may be necessary to professionally restretch the carpet.