Laminate is an easy-to-install flooring option that is designed to realistically resemble several other materials such as solid hardwood and tile. With its durable structure, versatility and cost-effectiveness, laminate flooring is a great choice for active households.

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  • Laminate Constructions

    Lamine Construction

    Laminate floors are composed of several layers bonded together for better stability. They are also extremely durable due to structured materials like melamine and fiberboard that make up each layer.
    -The bottom is a backing layer which balances the entire board.
    -Above the backing layer is a moisture-resistant core, made from high-density fiberboard.
    -The core is topped by the design print paper with a picture of the laminate’s desired appearance.
    -Above the decorative surface is a thin wear layer made of aluminum oxide.

  • Laminate Benefits

    Laminate floors are a highly structured hard surface option that is easy to maintain and exceedingly durable underfoot. Available in a multitude of styles and designs, laminate products can be installed on, above or below grade. Even though laminate flooring is more moisture-resistant than traditional hardwood surfaces, laminate is not the best flooring option for high moisture areas of the home such as bathrooms. Today’s glueless floating floors can be used as soon as they are installed saving time and money. Installing laminate products can be a great do-it-yourself project since they can be installed directly over existing floors or subfloors without glue. Laminate floors are hypoallergenic and are a great option for high-traffic areas of the home with little to no maintenance. They are very stain-resistant which makes cleaning up after spills such as grease and ketchup a breeze!

  • Mouldings

    Your HomeStyle offers coordinating moulding accessories to perfectly complement your laminate floors:

    Laminate Reducer


    A reducer moulding provides a smooth transition between laminate flooring and other floor coverings with differing heights.

    Laminate T-Moudling


    The T-moulding is used in doorways or entryways, it is necessary for installations over 33 feet (10 m).

    Square Nose

    Square nose

    A square nose moulding finishes the flooring edge on downward steps or landings

    Stair Nose

    Stair nose

    The stair nose moulding is used to finish the flooring edge at a staircase.

  • Installation Methods

    The advent of click flooring has transformed the laminate flooring market and inspired a new generation of do-it-yourself!
    Glueless locking system: Due to their easy locking system, laminate products can be floated on top of most original floors. The floors are held together when the tongue of one plank is “clicked” into the groove of another, making installation fast and efficient. Laminate products can be un-installed and re-installed several times throughout the life of your flooring.

  • Maintenance

    Laminate floors are very stain resistant, extremely durable and easy to clean. Use simple cleaning methods such as sweeping, vacuuming or dust mopping regularly to keep your laminate floors looking fresh and protecting them from built-up grit.