Resilient and LVT&LVP

Resilient and LVT&LVP flooring is a multi-layered construction that has a relatively firm surface and a characteristic bounce. This type of flooring is manufactured by combining vinyl material with resilient backing to withstand high-traffic and high-moisture areas of the home. Due to its advanced print technology, vinyl flooring realistically replicates the look and texture of many natural materials like hardwood, stone and ceramic.

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  • Resilient and LVT&LVP Construction

    Resilient Sheet Vinly

    Sheet Vinyl

    Sheet vinyl is deemed a resilient flooring option because it ‘’bounces back’’ from the weight of objects that compress its surface. This type of resilient flooring has a smooth surface and multi-layered construction that is comprised of backing, a fibreglass grid, a vinyl foam core, a decorative top layer and clear vinyl layer. Sheet vinyl allows for a variety of patterns and designs that can be printed on top and covered with a clear vinyl wear layer. It is an extremely versatile product that can be installed in virtually any room of your home; on, above or below grade.

    Resilien LVP

    Luxury Vinyl Planks

    Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) products are one of the fastest growing segments in the flooring industry. LVP combines the look and feel of nature’s finest materials with advanced technology to create a stable surface. LVP flooring offers many beneficial features such as water and stain resistance, enhanced durability for long-term use and cost effectiveness. One of LVP’s main advantages, however, is its ability to accurately replicate other hard surfaces such as solid hardwood with realistic finishes. LVP products are fast and easy to install without the added difficulty of pattern matching. One of Beaulieu Canada’s new LVP collections can be installed using the popular Unilin locking system making installation easy.

  • Resilient and LVT&LVP Benefits

    Resilient flooring has many advantages that yield an affordable and durable hard surface option. This product is easily installed and maintained, making it an ideal floor for high traffic areas of the home. With its high moisture and humidity resistance, vinyl is the most recommended flooring product for high-moisture areas of the home, or areas where spills are frequent, like bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms. A properly installed and maintained high quality vinyl floor can last 20 to 30 years. It can also be installed over many types of pre-existing floors like wood or concrete, on all grade levels.

  • Installation Methods

    Loose Lay- a glueless installation method in which the flooring is floated on top of the pre-existing floor. Perimeter (Velcro)- a vinyl flooring installation method in which the Velcro is only applied to the perimeter of the flooring and under heavy appliances.
    Unilin locking system – a popular glueless floating method used to install luxury vinyl planks

  • Maintenance

    Vinyl floors are a tough, wear and stain resistant flooring option that can handle heavy traffic. As with any material, however, proper cleaning and maintenance are important to keep your resilient floors looking beautiful. Regular cleaning with appropriate products should include daily sweeping or dust-mopping because built up dirt and grit can be harmful to your floors. Wipe up spills before they dry with a clean cloth.